International Yoga Day 2022: Having back pain? Try these simple Yog asanas to get rid of backache | News

International Yoga Day 2022: Having Back Pain? Try These Simple

There are also some asanas that one can perform at their workplace to relieve their stress, reduce body aches and energize their body for a fit and healthy lifestyle. 


‘The Seated Cat Cow’ position is one position that helps in getting relief from back aches and neck pains. You simply have to put your hands on your thighs, with your chin up to the ceiling (if possible) or one can look parallel to the ground level, with your back straight. You need to ensure that you must not take support of the chair.


As you exhale, round your back, pull your abdominals into your spine and tuck your chin under your stomach and be as round as your upper back can be. Try to touch your toes while extending your hands towards the ground. This is called the cat pose. As you inhale, go back to the position where you started, with your back straight and chin up to the ceiling, and allow your belly to move forward. This is called the cow pose.


Inhale-exhale 10-12 times after every 3-5 hours to relax your back and neck.



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